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The Fey Folk - Bob and Pat McNamee
Carving Show - Oakwood Metropark April 2004

Bob's Photos from Oakwood Metropark with the Michigan Carvers and Collectors Association.

The show at Oakwood Metropark Nature Center was a bit quiet due to cold weather, but it was great to see all the cool carvings everyone has been working on!

Click Photos for a larger version (often zoomed out).

The left side of Bob McNamee's table featuring many Christmas holiday carvings. (click pic for a larger view)

Robert McNamee's table, right side. Featuring a gnome, bark carving, and some in-progress carving demonstration pieces. (click pic for a larger view)

The Yam Man's carved yam Christmas Ornaments (closer view...a bit blurry) (click pic for a larger view)

Robert McNamee has carved a few wood carvings for Valentine's day presents. Here's a look at three of them, two chainsaw carved Love Bears, and a HuggyHeart... :) (click pic for a larger view)

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Here's a photo of Bob carving a Yam at the Show!

Robert McNamee aka Bob the Yam Man carves a Yam at the show! Plus some of the carvings at the table. (click pic for a larger view)

The middle area of Bob McNamee's carvings table, with demonstration stick, funky cat, and yam carving etc. (click pic for a larger view)

My collection of carved Christmas ornaments. (click pic for a larger view)

Wood hand carved Christmas ornaments hanging up at Bob McNamee's table. (click pic for a larger view)

One of Bob's favorite wood carvings. A closeup of a red robed Santa Claus figure. (click pic for a larger view)

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