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The Fey Folk - Bob and Pat McNamee
Bob's Carving Gallery #1

Bob carves wood, as well as a few other odd things, like yams.

Other Carving Galleries
Bob McNamee's Chainsaw Carving Gallery

Carving Show - Oakwood Metropark April 2004

Here you'll find examples of my earlier work.
(This gallery was scanned from video, so quality varies. Galleries to come will feature photos from digital camera!)

Example Carvings in progess (click pic for a larger view)

Misc. Carvings in Wood (mostly pine) - People, varied.

Carved Yams! -Uncle Sam Yams, dried and painted for Red Cross fund raising post-9/11.(Click to see a page full of them)

Christmas Carvings in wood (reclaimed pallets, pine?)

Pot-Bellied Santa in wood (Staghorn sumac)

Prizewinning Carvings- Yams (Santa/elf- 2 faces, Uncle Sam, and Vampire), and Cottonwood bark (Sun/Moon faces), ribbon winners at Fantasies in Woodcarving 2002.

Looking to buy?
I mostly carve to make presents for family and friends, because I don't want to build a carving business, but once in a while I will take on a commission.

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