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The Fey Folk - Bob and Pat McNamee
Baby Evelyn

Family Photos

Evelyn Consuelo Martinez, daughter of Sal and Elaine Martinez, born December 19, 2003. Weight 8 lbs, Height 20 inches

*** Photos with borders can be clicked on for a larger version ***

March 2004
Checking out the lady with the camera

Dedication Day, March 2004
Looking like a little princess in her finery

Evelyn with Mommy Elaine, December 19, 2004
First birthday picture taken by daddy

Evelyn Christmas 2004
What do you have there?

Giving us all her best smile, March 2004

Laundry Time, December 2004
Ready to help with the laundry

Toddler at Rest? Evelyn April 2005
Quiet moment before leaving Germany

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