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The Fey Folk - Bob and Pat McNamee
Bob McNamee's Chainsaw Carving Gallery

Sculptures on this page were done using a chainsaw at some point in carving.

The Carvings are arranged with the most recent work at the top. My first work using the chainsaw is at the very bottom.

Love Bear #2 - 2-13-2004 for Mom
[Happy Valentines Day!]
(inspired by the step-by-step pattern by Guyer Wayne)

Love Bear #1 - 2-11-2004 for Pat
[My First Chainsaw Carving]
(inspired by the step-by-step pattern by Guver Wayne)

Most of the carvings made use of other tools, such as minigrinders, rotary carving tools, sanders, standard knives and chisels, and the like.
Those carving marked as CS ONLY were carved and brought to the state show using ONLY the chainsaw.
Note: So far, I have not done any carvings I was satisfied with without resorting to the use of other tools...a reflection of my inexperience with the chainsaw to date... not the capabilities of the tool.

Bob's Carving Gallery #1

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