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The Fey Folk - Bob and Pat McNamee
Bob's Art Gallery #1

Welcome to Bob's Art Gallery! 

Here you will find images created through the use of either (or both) traditional media and computers.
If you are looking for Gaming related art, or Wood Carving related Galleries, Click back.

"All Seeing Eye" - An iconic emblem for my friend who ran the Psychic Secret Police Network webpage

"Orbital Mind Control Laser" -Also created for the Psychic Secret Police website. Inspired by Steve Jackson's Illuminati game reference.

"Stage" - My first piece of comissioned computer art. Created for the now defunct GCNnet internet service provider's Music section webpage in 1996.

"Joust" -made with POVRAY in 1995, intended for a contest on Kitchens, but my computer at the time was too slow, reposted to the web last year.

"Amyrra" -My wife's D&D 2ed character- a half-elf healer inspired by the character Zhaan from the TV show Farscape. Created by modifying photos of the actress Virginia Hey, who played Zhaan.

"Universe Alice" - An image created for a contest at the Universalis RPG website. I'm not really pleased with it, it got overworked, instead of being left blended into a starry background.

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